Thursday, April 29, 2010

Church Bulletin 5-2-2010

We celebrate Communion, the first Sunday of every month. May 2 is a day for us to remember the Sacrifice that Jesus Christ did for us. The Lord's Supper is where we deepen our relationship with the Lord! Our anthem this Sunday is "After Giving Thanks, Remember Me" instills in us to be ever faithful and obedient to God. God Bless You All!

Church Bulletin for 5-2-2010

Sermon 4-11-2010

Sermon delivered by our Pastor Melita Padilla.

May you get a blessing from her message.

God Bless You!

Easter Sermon 4-4-2010!

Easter Sermon on April 4, 2010 delivered by Pastor Melita Padilla.

May you get a blessing from her message.

God Bless You!

R & R Dinner and Church Council Meeting!

The Sam Hinson Bible Class will sponsor our R and R Dinner after services today, May 2, 2010. R & R stands for Repair & Replace. The price of a ticket is $5.00, where else can you get a good meal, good folks, and great fellowship for $5.00. The monies raised are for any needed repairs and to replace any missing items. After R & R Dinner, we will have our council meeting in the Fellowship Hall where this all takes place. Anyone who is a member of the council is encouraged to attend.

And as John Black would say:

"It's Things like this and People like you that makes Calvary, a Great church-even Greater!"

Calvary United Methodist Church Welcomes You!

Calvary United Methodist Church
512 West Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28203
O: (704) 333-3388
F: (704) 333-6689

Our Sunday Worship Calendar is as follows:

10:00 AM Sunday School
11:00 AM Worship Service

Our Wednesday Service is as follows:

5:30 PM Fellowship Dinner
6:30 PM Bible Study
7:30 PM Choir Rehearsal

We look forward to having you join us, and hope you will find the love of God in this house.

God Bless You!